Devils of Poetry - An Exhibition of Art

Opening Reception
July 2, 2010 5:30 - 7:30 pm
Please join artist, Kleven, and her devils at the
427 D Street ~ Anchorage, AK


Devils of Poetry - The Legend

The devils of poetry partied
in their devil party hats. 
Their shoes were pointy opera shoes,
their faces mullioned and flat.


They hooted and they hollered
using words you should not say.
What gives? I asked and all they said was,
We were born this way.


To dance round fires set to light
when poets take a stand
against the rules and reason
that spoil poetry land. 

If you get an invitation
please come and dance with me.
We’ll have a hoot and a hollering drunk
with the devils of poetry.  


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Devil of Poetry #12


Maestro Marcel  --   Sold

A scary guy who will protect your soul, reminding you to come forth in all your divine necessity.  Works in the rough.  

(11x14  acrylic/torn paper on canvas - unframed.)

Price: $125

There was a mooly man
Who had a rubber hat
The funnier than that,--
He kept it in a can.

"Where Knock is Wide Open," Roethke

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Devil of Poetry - # 17


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Bad Lieutenant, Limpus (sometimes called Gaar)  

Another of the dark fellowship, this devil will stand with you.  He'll scare off those who want to rein you in.

Price: $125  (11x14 " Acrylic and paper collage, Sandra Kleven, artist)

A lively understandable spirit
Once entertained you.
It will come again.  
Be still.

"The Lost Son," Roethke

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Devil of Poetry #18


Devil of Poetry #18  - Maynard G Krebs, beatnik (an Homage)
 "Because bridges go up and down."  (10x12 acrylic and paper, collage on wood, in wood frame $120    Artist - Sandy Kleven  

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Devils of Poetry #8


Devil of Poetry #15 Midnight in the gardens of others.  (Acrylic and paper collage.  11x14)  
Artist:  Sandy Kleven  $95 

Devil of Poetry #9
Dissolving Poet


Devil of poetry #19   The dissolving poet reminds one of what happens when the poet relies too heavily on the workshop, the critic, the crowd.  "Maintain your vision, poet."   (paper, acrylic collage on wood, 11x14)  Sandra Kleven, artist -  $95

More devils arriving daily.  Check back.  

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Today, I installed the devils at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art.  I begin to understand them more and to know their names. I will add what I have learned to this site.   

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The devils of poetry protect free expression -- they hate to be "rule-gagged" and they hoop and holler whenever a poet challenges what is passed on as "correct" in poetry.  They favor duende (deep, rough and real). They throw a party when a poet breaks free from conformity to offer up something true, and new, and brilliant.   

Sandra Kleven - Bio, Poetry



"I sure love my little devil.  He sits near my desk while I work."  Anne Caston 

Tiny sad Devil (above)   SOLD
This little devil will remind you how you feel when someone tries to restrain you. (6 x 6 x 2 " acrylic and paper collage, on canvas, able to sit on shelf.)   

I am gathered together once more.
 I embrace the world.

"The Long Waters," Roethke

Devil of Poetry #5  Madame Lascivia 


Madame Lascivia urges the sensuous, the flesh.   Here is the source of life -- or a life worth living.    (11x14, acrylic and paper on wood) $95 framed.   

In silver frame.

Devil of Poetry #6


Devil of Poetry #6  SOLD - Truth to Power - (Tell it.) (Acrylic and paper collage on wood  5 x 5 x 2)  Artist, Sandy Kleven $15

Devil of Poetry #7


Devil of Poetry #7 --SOLD  Party Man - Wild Man.  Wickedly handsome. Womanizer.   (11x14 - Acrylic and paper collage, on wood.  Framed) $95  Artist:  Sandy Kleven    

Devil's Playground #1


Torn paper transformed via the alchemy of poetry into deserted mountain range.  (Paper, acrylic collage, 6 x 6" on block of wood.  Free standing. ) Sandy Kleven, artist $35  

Devil's Playground #2


Like the piece above only different.  6x6x2" (Acrylic and paper on block of wood. Can stand alone.)  $35

From the back of your high horse 
(unbridled) riding naked, 
over lies, and railroad ties, 
screech to the violet sky. 
Fly to the moss felted 
cradle of the liver spotted worm and 
sing your birth song.  
Out of order, out of line, 
out of jail, most of the time,


Prior to the July show, Devils of Poetry may be purchased on-line via Paypal.