"Michael' filmed a live stream for me from the Alienware booth at the PAX show. His work was professional, skillful, and an overall pleasant experience. I would… recommend Michael to anyone who is seeking professional camera work." Mark K. Brown COO at NASL.TV


“ I enthusiastically recommend Michael as a sound recorder/mixer. I had the pleasure of working with Michael… on “Love in the year 2000.”He was a true asset... His attentive and conscientious approach ensured clean and usable sound throughout the shoot. In addition he was pleasant and flexible when faced with the usual complications attendant to independent film


David Miller, Producer/Director, LOVE IN THE YEAR 2000


“I hired Michael as a lighting technician on a 5 day shoot. He was involved with setting up and controlling the lighting equipment on set. He is very collaborativeand very professional from start to finish. A great listener and a team player with apositive attitude. His attention to detail within a scene is great.”


Todd Redenius Writer/Director at TBR Video