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Clinical consultation in children's behavioral health

Meet Sandy Kleven

"Thank you again for the timely reports and suggestions for improvement.  They are so helpful to me and the staff..I can tell that the staff respects your assessment and really values the suggestions you put forth in your reports.  We go back to them, when they come across similar situations."                           Special Needs Coordinator, Head Start

Sandy Kleven is a licensed clinical social worker who's been working with children and families for nearly thirty years.  She's the author of two books and many articles about working effectively with children in an educational setting.  She helps Head Start programs meet their annual requirement for behavioral health observations in every classroom.  Toward this end, she's traveled to more than twenty Alaska village Head Start programs.  

Kleven provides behavioral health observation and consultation to Head Start programs in Alaska.

"We have relied on your for the past two years to serve communities that [the local mental health provider] has been unable to serve.  We have been very pleased with your services." 
                                                        Head Start Program Manager

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Holding Our Own
Clinical Consultation in Children's Behavioral Health
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Holding Our Own

Children's Behavioral Health Consultation
3978 Defiance Street
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