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See notes, below, about how we use this in our family.  


I absolutely look forward to tomorrow’s teleconference. I have a few ideas about the topic but the things you share will make it far richer.  Funny, how I used to be disbelieving when Christmas sales started right after Halloween.   Now, it’s the 12th of November (just 12 days after Halloween) and I don’t know how I will get everything done in the approximately six weeks until Christmas. 


I think tips for the season help a lot and tomorrow we will try to focus on the “non-material” part of Christmas – but we (in my family) do something that helps with Christmas shopping so I thought I’d get a jump on things and share this idea.  My family has nine members in Alaska.  Three are children.  The rest are adults – and they have expectations for Christmas, too.  


One of the VERY hardest things is shopping with no idea what someone would like… I’ll look at things I would like and then lose confidence – with good reason.  My daughters in law just don’t share my quirky taste.  I really do want to know what people’s Christmas gift wishes are – I don’t have to buy things from a list but with a list, I get a better idea of the kinds of things they like.  Seriously, the men in my family would get nothing but socks from me if I didn’t get have other options.  Who likes opening socks? 


We all get together for Thanksgiving, at my house, in Anchorage.  Because I am handy on a computer, I make a Wish List page decorated with bells or a snowman.  I give this out at Thanksgiving and everyone can fill out five or more things they would like to have for Christmas.  I save the Sunday paper to help the children find gift ideas.  If the children put something down that’s a “major” gift, beyond my budget, then I can get them an accessory to it and let their parents get the big present.    When all nine of these pages are done (and yes! I make one for myself, too) I make copies of all of them for each family.  So many headaches are eliminated when we do this and it is fun for the children, too, because it gives them something to do after dinner.  Since, I want to put up more “resources” on the web page, I’ll make a printable master for this Christmas wish list, all in the interest of making life easier.



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