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The Artist
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Patrick Minock

Patrick Minock was raised in Pilot Station, a village on Alaska's Yukon River. He went to art school in New Mexico, just out of high school. His art can be seen in schools and other public places throughout the Y-K Delta. He is the son of the artist Milo Minock. 
Patrick is the illustrator for Talk About Touch: Alaska, a sexual abuse prevention story book written to help parents protect their kids.   He says, "I have never been so drawn into an art project. They all seem real to me." Eric, the main character of the story, is named for Patrick's oldest son, who passed away in 1990, not long after graduating from high school graduation. A few days after his death, the family received a call telling them their son had been accepted into art school. 
Patrick is a happy artist, in spite of losses.  He is excited about the people he creates.  He says, "They are not based on any body real but all the time people see their own relatives in the drawings.  They come up to me and say, 'That's my uncle or my grandpa.'" 

3978 Defiance Street
Anchorage, AK