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Michael Kleven photos/video
Seattle, Washington
"For me photography is both a social and personal act."





Anchorage in Winter (above)

Artist Statement

Michael-Peter Kane Kleven

            I see myself as a conceptual artist. I strive through photography to express objectivity but with subtle comment on form, irony, pattern, shade, light or raw beauty. Many of my subjects are non-human: forms found in nature, buildings, or objects.  Occasionally I will photograph myself, those near to me, or people at public events. I am very conscious, perhaps too conscious, of individual boundaries. I explore my own and others so as better to relate our public persona. As an Actor I see that we all “act," place on ourselves a mask and this stands in place of our unknowable self. Sort of like a poker chip describes a relative value.

            I enjoy technical aspects of photography, camera operation and post production editing. For me photography is both a social and personal act. I see myself as an actor in the environment and around those individuals I whose image I capture. My interest in film production leads me to consider story and thematic elements imbedded within the frame.

            As an individual who suffers from a pain related disability, I often consider the therapeutic aspects of photography and creativity. Photography like writing is an act that can largely be controlled by the individual. The world is your canvas so long as you have the time and access to the tools.

            I would like to thank my mother Sandy Kleven who has encouraged me in this form of expression after acting and dance on stage became more difficult.


Click on picture above to see proposed show of Fremont Parade photos

Michael-Peter K Kleven

2703 NE 98th St, Seattle WA,98115,




Video and Photography Production



Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies

Fairhaven College, Bellingham

     Major: Theater

     Minor: Writing

Related course work: Acting, Directing, Producing, Advanced Modern Dance, Special Studies in Existentialism, Phenomenology and Dramaturgy. Research in Esoteric Religion, Jung, Campbell, and Related Theories of Myth and Symbol.

Certificate in Mental Health

Tacoma Community College, Tacoma (1996)

Film  and Video Communications

Seattle Central Community College (Current)


Expected: Dec 8th, 1988





     Leadership of both large and small theatrical production as both Director and Producer

     Facilitated Stress Management Course at Inpatient Mental Health Facility

     Facilitated Offsite Recreational Activities Of Mental Health Clients





     Performed in over 30 Theatrical Productions

     Appeared in 4 Modern Dance Productions

     DJ at KUGS Campus Radio


Graphic Arts/Photography



     Summer 2008: “Closing the Drawers”, A collection of archived and original photographs at the Fremont Branch of  the Seattle Public Library

     Summer 2006: Showing of Original Photographs at Ship Creek Gallery, Anchorage AK

     Currently Showing Archived and Original Work at The Orange Splot Gallery in Fremont





     Provided Therapy and Support for Individuals Struggling With Depression and other Mental  Health Issues

     Provided Community Education for the Prevention of Child Sexual Abuse



Registered Counselor, Kitsap Mental Health Service, Bremerton

Carpenter, Kleven and Sons Construction, Marysville



3978 Defiance Street

Anchorage, Alaska 99504

Link to CIRQUE @ AWP