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Like This

By Sandy Kleven 
Illustrated by Linda Lucky  

A picture-book for grown-ups and children,
based on a poem by Jalāl ad-Dīn Rūmī

"Like This" is looking for a publisher.  The complete manuscript will run 32 pages with 16 illustrations.  Samples from the manuscript, with illustrations, can be seen on this page.  The complete book proposal can be requested from skleven@ak.net.  Scroll down for author and illustrator bios.  Kleven is the author of the top selling child protection storybook, The Right Touch.



When I wonder where all the beauty in this world is hidden, lift your face and say


     Right here. 

When they don’t like what they read in the news and ask each other how the troubles will ever end, show them how Kaysee can roll over and say


Like this.


When someone wants to know where we are going and where we will end up, show them the drawing you made at school today and say


   Right here. 


If anyone complains about what was lost and what he never had, ask him to sing with you and say



When they say they have no money give them stones and say


Use this.



If anyone is wondering about the end of the world, laugh out loud and say


            This is it.




Author bio -- 
Sandy Kleven’s poetry and other writing has appeared in Alaska Quarterly Review and Topic Magazine.  She writes a regular article for the Delta Discovery, a rural Alaskan weekly.  As a clinical social worker, Kleven has traveled extensively in remote Alaska providing services to families and children.   Kleven is the author of materials intended to protect children from abuse, including The Right Touch, a prevention story book, which remains in high demand after ten years in print.  Kleven is currently a student in the University of Alaska, Anchorage, Masters in Fine Arts program.  Awards include a Benjamin Franklin for The Right Touch and a Celebration Foundation award given to support her current work.  Holy Land, a dramatic monolog, based on her experiences in the Alaska bush, was awarded an Honorable Mention in the Edward Albee Last Frontier Theatre Conference playwriting contest.     


Illustrator bio -

Linda Lucky, multi-media artist and teacher left New York six years ago to set up a studio in Anchorage, Alaska.  Since then she has become an active member of the city's creative community.  She serves as a docent at the Anchorage Museum where she leads tours for visiting children and adults. She is also a member of the International Gallery of Contemporary Art.  Lucky has degrees in art education from the State University of New York.  She retired after teaching young people for thirty-one years.  Lucky's entry in the, 2007, ArtWorking fundraiser won a First Place and her show “Lucky Dogs,” at the Anchorage, International Gallery, in 2008, was highly praised. 

Holy Land by Sandra Kleven

The Right Touch

Please email us with your comments about LIKE THIS


3978 Defiance Street

Anchorage, Alaska 99504

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